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Signs and symptoms

Cancer can often be managed more easily when it is diagnosed in the early stages. Being aware of your body and what is 'normal' for you, and reporting symptoms to your GP, can help to make sure that, if you do have Cancer, it is diagnosed as early as possible.

There are some common signs and symptoms that may alert you to the fact that something is new or different. You should contact your doctor if you have any of the following:

  • Lumps
  • Coughing, breathlessness and hoarseness
  • Changes in bowel habit
  • Bleeding
  • Moles
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • What to do if you have worrying symptoms
Knowing how your body normally looks and feels can help you spot any early changes that could be caused by Cancer. You should see your GP if you notice a lump anywhere in your body. It can be useful to tell them how long it’s been there and whether it is getting bigger, or causes discomfort. Cancerous lumps are often (but not always) painless.

It can be difficult to tell what a lump is just by feeling it, but if your GP suspects that you might have a Cancer, they will refer you to the appropriate specialist for further tests.

It is important to remember that lumps and bumps often occur in the body, and most of these will not be Cancer.

Coughing, breathlessness and hoarseness
There are many medical conditions that can cause 'chesty' symptoms like coughing and breathlessness (for example, infections and inflammations), but in some cases these symptoms may be a sign of lung cancer. If you have a cough or feel breathless for more than two weeks you should see your GP. You should also tell your GP if you have any blood in your sputum (phlegm) when you cough.

Laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx) is common and can cause a hoarse voice. In a small number of people, a hoarse voice may be a sign of Cancer of the larynx (voice box). If hoarseness continues for longer than two weeks, you should tell your GP.

Changes in bowel habit
Symptoms of bowel cancer may include blood in your stools (bowel motion). The blood would usually be dark but can be bright red in colour. Fresh, bright red blood is usually a sign of piles (haemorrhoids).

You may notice a change in your normal bowel pattern (such as diarrhoea or constipation) for no obvious reason. You might have a feeling of not having emptied your bowel properly after a bowel motion. Some people also notice that they have pain in the abdomen or back passage.

Remember that altered bowel habits aren't always caused by Cancer, but can be caused by changes in diet, some medicines, anxiety, and other medical conditions. If any changes last for more than a few weeks it's important to rule out Cancer as a possible cause, so you should see your GP.

Any unexplained bleeding is a sign that there is something wrong and should always be checked out by your GP.

As previously mentioned, bleeding from the back passage is most commonly caused by piles, but can sometimes be due to Cancer of the bowel or rectum.

Cancer of the womb or cervix can cause women to bleed between periods or after sex. Women who have any vaginal bleeding after they have had their menopause should see their GP. If necessary your GP will refer you to a gynaecologist.

Blood in your urine may be caused by bladder or kidney cancer. It can also be caused by infection. If you notice blood in your urine it is important to see your GP for a check-up.

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