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Yoga - Uttana-Padasana


Raised feet Posture, Raised foot pose, Uttan Pad Asan, Uttana Pada Asana

This is a traditional asana. For this asana you have to lie on your back. Do your feet together. Place palms facing down to the floor at your side 4 to 6 inches away from the trunk.

  1. Lie flat on back, keeping the feet together and the knees tight. Breathe.
  2. Exhale, and arch the back by lifting the chin and slide onto the back of the head. If necessary, use the hands at the side of the head to lift the head and bring it as far back as possible. Rest the arms at the sides. Breathe.
  3. Stretch the back and on an exhalation, lift the legs to 45 or 50 degrees from the floor. Lift the arms, bringing them parallel to the floor. Both legs and arms should be straight.
  4. Extend the ribs and breathe normally. The body is balanced only on the crown of the head and the buttocks.


Exhale and lower the legs and arms to the floor. Straighten the neck, lower the back and relax.

  1. This Asana is very beneficial for those suffering from diabetes, constipation, indigestion and nervous weakness.
  2. People suffering from lumbar sodalities and muscle pull should not practice it.
  1. High pressure and stretching felt on the lower abdomen, hence, practice according to capacity.
  2. In the beginning take help of hands to raise the legs.
  3. While raising legs do not bend legs at the knees.
  4. People suffering from lumbar sodalities and muscle pull should not practice it.


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