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Child Growth
There are numerous opportunities today than ever before to learn about your health and to take better care of yourself & your family. There are so many disciplines of medicines or treatment paradigm like ayurvedic, homeopathic, unani, chinese system, tibeten system, yoga, acupuncture and acupressure etc, that at particular moment it became confusing for the patient to decide what to go for. The site PATIENTS-CARE has been launched to help a common man / medical professional to take care of himself and his patient with different aspects of treatment.
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Dr.Anil Vij

The Driving force ! Objectives ! Why? How? Social Responsibility

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Check Your CHD Prediction
You can take to lower your risk of heart disease.CHD Risk Predictions Heart info

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CoronaryArtery Disease
Preventions & Precaution

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PATIENTS-CARE Health Features


Does HIV Affect the body?

Healthy body is equipped with CD4 helper lymphocyte cells (CD4 cells). These cells help the immune system to function normally and fight off certain kind of infections . They do this by acting as messengers to other type of immune system cells, telling them to become active and fight against an invading germ.


Importance of Vaccination

A vaccine is a medicine that's given to help prevent a disease. Vaccines help the body to produce antibodies. These antibodies protect against the disease.Vaccines are medications that boost our ability to fight off certain diseases.


Yoga and lifestyle

Yoga develops a positive attitude among its practitioners. It teaches you the positive virtues like compassion, faith, trust and love. It makes you aware and receptive of your surroundings. It develops your strength and flexibility. Your health and complexion improves since all your body organs work to their maximum capacity.

Alternative Therapy

What is alternative Therapy ?

Alternative medicineis any form of practice that is outside the realm of conventional modern medicine . It covers a broad range of healing philosophies, approaches, and therapies. Most of these treatments and health care practices are not taught widely in medical schools. Examples are Naturopathy ,Chiropractic,Ayurveda,Homeopathy and Acupuncture.

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Diabetic Tip Of The Day

Begin oral antidiabetic therapy along with life-style intervention and education at diagnosis.
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Patient Safety
Do you know there are nearly 2,000 possible , Drug Interactions or adverse effects, some even life threatening in allopathic medication. Some drugs are not safe in , Pregnancy,lactation, children or elderly.No one can remember all this. But now you have a computer s/w which can remember everything & help you check your prescription for 100% safety. So enter your medicines in the utility given here & check your prescription safety free of cost.
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Breast Cancer Therapies
Breast Cancer treatment Choices
Detecting and Diagnosing Breast Cancer
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