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Color Therapy- Treatment

Color Therapy (Treatment)

You can practice some exercises to heal your chakras.

  • Balancing the chakras. Take 7 clothes of different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo  and violet. Put violet cloth on the crown chakra. Place the rest clothes over your body at the appropriate chakra. Relax, and breathe deeply for 5 minutes. The body will absorb these colors and saturate the charkas, in that way the vibrations in your body will be balanced.
  • With a deep breathing imagine that you breathe air into every part, every organ of your body. This air is transformed then into different frequencies of energy. Inhale slowly though your nostrils and exhale through the mouth. Inhale and exhale to the count of 5. Place the tip of the tongue to the palate of the mouth during breathing. See and feel the air coming in at a certain color. This exercise can be done for 10 minutes in the morning.
  • This exercise is used when you feel that some basic color needs stimulating. Water can be infused with the color by placing water in colored glasses and exposing the water for 3 hours to sunlight. The next day drink the water. Water can be also placed in the glass with the colored paper over it and being exposed to the sunlight for 3 hours.

Color therapy is a prolonged method of stimulation. This method of healing is carried out with the help of:

  • felt-tip pens,
  • markers,
  • color varnishes,
  • color pencils.

Treatment by color can be performed on finger meridians, on chakras, painting the certain points by the certain color following the laws of colors interaction (and consequently, energies) and thus changing the energy potential (balance) both in the point, and in all meridian, and, hence, in organ.


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